Collection: Steaks

Awesome Steaks from Our Texas Cattle Operation

Looking for some tasty steaks? You've come to the right place! As a multi-generational cattle operation, we've been enjoying this same Texas Black Angus beef at our table, and now, we're bringing it to you.

Choosing Your Steak:
Whatever you're looking for, we've got it. Strong-tasting sirloin? A soft and juicy fillet? What about a Tomahawk Ribeye? We have them all. Whether you're grilling or cooking indoors, our steaks will level up your meals in a way that leaves your friends and family dumbfounded.

Fresh and Preservative Free:
Our steaks come straight from our family to your doorstep. That means they're as fresh as can be and taste like true Texas dry-aged beef. Our family has enjoyed these delicious steaks for generations and we're proud to share them with you.

Ethical Treatment for Premium Steaks
We love our cattle and treat them well. They spend their days on big Texas fields, eating grass that's nourished by the Texas sun. The final few months they enjoy a hearty diet of grains in a pasture that ensures they are happy, full, and delicious. The quality of the beef is a direct reflection of the quality of life of the cow. You'll notice the Little Cattle Co. difference.

Take a look at our collection of steaks and get ready for a meal to remember. We're proud of our beef and know one bite of a Little Cattle Co. steak and you'll taste the difference.

Let our family feed your family.