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Our beef is grass-fed, grain-finished, and raised on our multi generational family cattle operation. Now, we’re offering you that same quality beef shipped right to your doorstep.

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The Beef You’ve Been Buying Is Low-Quality, Mass Sourced Beef, That We Wouldn’t Feed Our Family and Friends.

Stop settling for poor-quality sub-standard beef that’s hard to cook and unimpressive. Little Cattle Co. Black Angus beef is grass-fed and grain-finished to maximize flavor that will blow your mind.





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Little Cattle Co. is different from the regular beef you buy in your grocery store. Known for its rich flavor, Black Angus beef is sought after all the world over. Taking that a step further, Little Cattle Co. Black Angus beef brings a rich heritage of the American West. Our family cattle operation has been raising cattle and providing fresh beef to our family for generations. We raise our family cattle operation in rich Texas pastures nourished on fresh, natural grass to ensure they’re packed with the nutrition we want for our family and friends. We then finish them on a diet of high-quality grains to ensure they are fattened and marbled with the most robust flavor profile possible. And now, we’re proud to offer that same Black Angus beef for sale outside of our own friends and family. Believe us when we say this is the beef your inner circle will be raving about for years to come.



“ Best steaks I've ever had. My family can't get enough of them. ”

Codey Gandy

“ The ground beef is perfect every time. ”

Ben Duff

You're Not Average; Neither Are We. Stand Out With Little Cattle Co. Beef.

Little Cattle Co. was born out of a demand from our friends and family. Enjoy that same experience in your home today.


Our beef isn’t mass-produced in confined spaces like the beef you’ll get at your chain grocer. We raise small groups of cattle and bring them to slaughter after ensuring they’ve gone through the same quality feeding process that our family has come to love. That beef is then packaged and shipped from our Texas ranch to you and your family so you can throw it on the grill whenever you’re ready. If you’re looking to buy Black Angus beef online, buy delicious, premium Black Angus beef from our Texas ranch. Know where your beef comes from, what your beef was fed, and know this is the exact same beef we would feed our friends and family. Learn the Little Cattle Co. difference today.


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1. Select your beef

2. Pick your delivery date.

3. Impress your friends.

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