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Texas Black Angus Ground Beef For Sale Online

If you're looking for the most delicious ground beef you've ever tasted, Little Cattle Co. ground beef is exactly what you've been looking for. Our single-source and preservative-free ground beef is the same quality beef our family has been enjoying for generations.

What is Single Source Ground Beef?

Single Source ground beef is beef from a single cow. Unlike the beef you buy at your grocer, which is typically made up of the scraps and bits left over after the day's trimming, you can rest assured you're getting beef from a single Black Angus cow that lived a happy and hearty life.

What Makes Little Cattle Co. Beef So Delicious?

As a multi-generation Texas Cattle operation, we've been blessed to enjoy the most delicious cuts of premium beef, including steaks and our ground beef. Our hamburger patties are perfect for summer grilling, and our ground beef is a perfect addition to any number of recipes. But what makes it so good?

Our hormone-free ground beef is raised under the Texas Sun, where they enjoy fresh grasses rich with nutrients. In the final stages of preparation, they're moved to a grass pasture where they are fed plentiful grains that help them develop a rich signature flavor our family has grown to love. This process increases marbling, ensuring that every bite of Little Cattle Co. beef is something to write home about.

Let our family feed your family.