Where does Little Cattle Co. ship?
The lower 48 states

Where does Little Cattle Co. beef come from?
Raised by our family in Abilene, TX

Delivery Options?

  • 2 Day or 1 Day Shipping - Orders always ship out on Mondays. If you place your order after Monday, your order will ship out on the following Monday.
  • Local Delivery - For customers located within a 20 mile radius of our warehouse in Argyle, TX, we are offering a local delivery option for a flat rate of $15. Local deliveries will be delivered on Thursdays.
  • Local Pickup - If you would like to pick your order up yourself, place your order, and pick it up between 4&7 on Wednesdays.

Why Little Cattle Co.?
Eating Little Cattle Co. beef allows you to know where and how your beef was raised. Not only does it taste better, it is better for you and your family. Our cattle is raised with no hormones, no antibiotics and they live a happy, healthy life. Little Cattle Co. makes getting the best, Texas Angus beef easy, by delivering it straight to your doorstep.

How will my beef arrive?
Products ship frozen and will arrive frozen or cold to the touch.

Return Policy?
No returns, because we can’t put the beef back in the pasture.

How will my beef stay cold during shipping?
To ensure your beef remains cold during shipping, we used insulation and dry ice. Dry ice will naturally evaporate, but if there is still dry ice when you receive your order, please do not touch it with your bare hands. If you have to handle the dry ice, it is best to avoid contact with your skin.

What days do you ship?
We ship orders on Mondays.