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Tablitas, or Costillas de Res, are crosscut beef ribs that end up about 3/8" thick, and man, are they delicious! Whether you throw them on the grill with a little salt and pepper or marinate them with your favorite spices, Tablitas are next-level good.

What could make them better? Little Cattle Co. Texas Black Angus beef tablitas, that's what. The secret is in the way our multigenerational cattle operation handles our cattle. Our Black Angus beef roam free in wide-open pastures full of fresh grass, flowing water, and of course, the Texas Sun.

Our cattle are grass-fed and grain-finished to ensure they are packed with vitamins and nutrients and also marbled to perfection, so every bight of these tablitas is one to remember.

When you buy Tablitas (costillas de res) know you're buying the same quality we would feed our family: a quality your friends and family won't forget about.

Let our family feed your family.

The Little Cattle Co. Difference:

  • Genetics: Black Angus cattle have been bred for their beef quality, with genetics that favors marbling, tenderness, and overall meat quality. That means you get higher-quality tablitas that your loved ones will notice.
  • Taste and Texture: Due to their genetics, Black Angus cattle often produce tablitas that are highly marbled, leading to tablitas that are juicy, rich in flavor, and tender.
  • Grass-fed and Grain-finished: Our Texas Black Angus cattle are grass-fed and raised using natural feeding practices. Our costillas de res have higher levels of beneficial nutrients such as Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E, and we Grain finish our cattle to maximize the flavor and increase marbling which results in the quality tablitas you'll be proud to serve to everyone you love.
  • Traceability and Quality Control: Our cattle are raised in open pastures under the Texas Sun on our family land. If we wouldn't feed this beef to our family, we wouldn't feed it to yours.
  • Support for Local Economy: Choosing Black Angus tablitas from our Texas cattle operation supports local Texas ranchers and contributes to our local economy.


* Product is flash frozen to preserve freshness and tenderness.
* Product ships frozen and will arrive frozen or cold to the touch.
* Born and raised in the Texas

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