What Cut is a Flank Steak?

What Cut is a Flank Steak? Learning the Basics

You are not alone if you’ve ever wondered, "What cut is a flank steak?" Flank steak, a favorite when it comes to grilling and marinating, is derived from the cow's abdominal muscles. Flank steak, well known for its powerful taste and lean texture, has gained popularity in a variety of cuisines. To understand what cut is flank steak, it's necessary to study the anatomy of the flank and identify the individual muscle groups that contribute to its unique characteristics.

The flank, placed beneath the loin and sirloin makes it a highly exercised muscle group. This produces a lean and tasty cut, however it takes careful cooking to retain its tenderness. When you ask, "What cut is a flank steak?" you're literally looking into the anatomy of the cow to understand the simple basis of this wonderful cut of beef. Now, let's look at the particular slices that create this famous cut.

What Cut is Flank Steak and Different Flank Steak Cuts

When considering the question, "What cut is a flank steak?" it is important to recognize that the flank can be separated into several parts. The two most popular flank steak cuts are the long flank and the short flank. While traditional "flank steak" often refers to the longer, lean "London Broil" cut, explore options like the shorter, tender flank or diverse cuts like marbled, flavorful flap steak and intense skirt steak. Each of these cuts offers a unique eating experience, letting you explore new flavors, textures, and cooking methods. So, when choosing which slices are best for you, keep in mind that there are various possibilities, each with unique culinary characteristics.

The classic flank steak, the most readily available, boasts a long, flat shape with a distinct grain. Savored for its robust beefy flavor and lean profile, it's a health-conscious favorite. For those seeking extra tenderness and flavor, the flap steak (or bavette) emerges as a hidden gem. Slightly thicker and with more marbling than the traditional cut, it delivers on both aspects while remaining budget-friendly. However, the skirt steak shouldn't be overshadowed. Though distinct from the traditional flank steak with its longer, thinner form and stronger grain, it shines for its bold, intense beefy flavor. It's a popular choice for fajitas and dishes demanding a powerful taste punch.

Tips for Cooking Flank Steak Perfectly: What Cut is Flank Steak Good for?

Now that we’ve looked into what is the cut of a flank steak, let's turn our attention to what cuts are flank steaks good for in the kitchen. Cooking flank steak to perfection involves a mix of proper procedures and a thorough understanding of its lean nature. Marinating meat before grilling or pan-searing can make it more tender and flavorful.

Consider using acidic marinades with citrus, vinegar, or yogurt to break down stiff fibers. Also, keep in mind the cooking time - flank steak should be served medium-rare to medium to retain its juiciness. Experiment with different rubs, spices, and cooking methods  to find the best match for your tastes.

To conclude, the topic of "What Cut is a Flank Steak" takes us through the anatomy of the cow, exploring all of the cuts that make this famous piece of meat. Understanding what cut is a flank steak and what cut is flank steak good for allows you to pick the best option for your culinary creations. As you begin your culinary journey, explore our online store where you'll find a premium selection of flank steaks and high-quality cuts. Shop now!



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